company profile

Engineering IDEA is a consulting company founded with the goal of providing to all its customers services based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), systems that use radio waves to automatically identify physical objects.

Engineering IDEA can count on ten years experience of FCS Solutions that takes care of the technical direction and support of its many partners, both in the computer field and in the industrial sector, essential for the proper design of efficient systems.

Engineering IDEA guarantees a 360° services, hardware supply, software design, implementation of integrated solutions for the management of complex systems for any kind of business. The powerful it infrastructure, consisting of owned servers and supported by advanced security technology to protect privacy, allows to provide customers with everything they need for optimal management of corporate data, thus enabling to expand nationally and internationally without incurring exorbitant financial outlay. ​

Engineering IDEA does not accept compromises on the quality so it uses the most advanced technologies, working with the best partners, both to supply standard components or software and hardware engineered for special projects.

fcs solutionsFCS Solutions - technical direction

FCS Solutions is a it service provider operating for about twenty years, offering their customers a global it service, ranging from software design up to hardware supply.

FCS Solutions provides it consulting services not only as s support, but also as a constant and bidirectional cooperation with the customer, aiming to optimize the use of the available resources and speed up the user’s tasks, maintaining costs as low as possible. ​

FCS Solutions guarantees:
  • On-site as well as remote-control service.
  • High-level technical support, as evidenced by the numerous certifications acquired (Microsoft, Alvarion, Watchguard, Oracle, Vmware, Zyxel, Multitech Voip, etc…).
  • The design of a computer system fitting the needs of the company, focusing on the client-server architecture, where all corporate information is organized into one or more server machines, often virtualizing servers in order to optimize the hardware resources available or to reduce the operating costs.
  • Implementation and management of archives via the web for a dynamic management of data to the data base server.
  • Web hosting - the sites are hosted on a server directly connected to the internet with dedicated connections
FCS Solutions, in the communication and security area, also proposes:
  • Private wireless connectivity – not only for the mobile users' accesses management, but also for a speed and secure connectivity, linking distant facilities into a consistent business unit.
  • Virtual private network connectivity (vpn) – via the internet: for a low cost remote facilities connection and a guarantee of really "private" information exchange
  • Voip telephone connectivity – a partnership with some reliable and expert providers and our know-how acquired in the years while developing different solutions for our customers allow us to provide a mature and secure technology with astonishing results
  • Voip telephone exchange system – advanced performances for the telephone call routing, with sophisticated management possibilities of answering system integrated with email capable of reducing telephone costs between remote headquarters and offices even if they are "at the other end of the world".