RFID Technology can be applied to different fields and its advantages are indisputable and proven. the investments necessary for the implementation within the company are recovered within a few months, giving a significant boost to the companies to control costs and business processes. the ability to integrate these systems with various mobile technologies (ble, nfc) shall enable a rapid development of the internet of things (iot) in the coming years

In logistics, RFID Technology and BLE automate inventory management and goods in and out, resulting in reduced time inventory and real-time control of business flows.

In the retail environment we have a complete traceability and product visibility at all stages of the supply chain, as well as the possibility of interaction with the end customer in the store. accurate, reliable and always available for effective proximity marketing.

GDO in RFID Technology enables the management of the entire supply chain and inventory control as well as the retail outlets in real time, with the consequent reduction of out of stock and increased sales.

In the field of shipping and transport, RFID automates and error-proofs all loading, unloading and delivery phases, with a considerable reduction in work time and complete traceability of the product, providing reliable information from the initial delivery up to the end customer final one.

In the manufacturing sector the BLE and RFID Technologies can be used for the management of goods in and out and during the entire production process, since in a tag can be stored even the transformations that took place at every stage of the process or in any off-line process.

The benefits of RFID and BLE Technology can be successful in the chemical industry and special waste sectors, where the control and traceability of the products are a priority.

Traceability, safety and ability to integrate RFID tags with various types of sensors such as temperature ones, make it an indispensable tool for the control and traceability of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and blood bags.