BEACON / I-BEACON technologies

The name comes from the word beacon, and is a contextual proposed system of content-based micro-geolocation on which some companies, including apple, have decided to focus. While a great number of companies have chosen to appreciate the advantages of the new generation of wireless chip, there are those who still relies on Bluetooth. This, currently marketed with a core 4.0 Low Energy, enables communication between peripherals and devices without excessive energy use, and Beacon is one of its extensions.

How does it work and what is it?

Beacon uses Bluetooth Smart technology introduced just with the 4.0 standard. This allows the transfer of data processed by means of a GPS positioning, of course optimizing energy consumption on smartphones and tablets. Through a successful connection, and a Beacon-ready application developed for the commercial activities (mostly because it is to these that the technology is addressed to), you can receive a certain content based on the context in which you are located. The same technology can be used in museums to receive the information on the various works, but the applications of the Beacon technology can still be countless.